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My name is Sarah Matthess, and I have been hand-spinning, hand-knitting, and dyeing my yarns and fibre with natural plant dyes all my adult life.

I try to use as much in the way of UK grown lambs-wool in my yarns as possible, and wherever possible, I use locally grown plants to dye my wool, locks & fibre.

Each yarn that I spin will be individual. I don't follow a pattern and like to create a look as I go along. Inspiration for yarn colours comes from local plants and natural colour schemes.

My online shop also contains a number of plant dyed fibres and locks.

I also have a keen interest in vintage fibre related items, particularly antique bobbins, shuttles and pirns from now-closed-down weaving mills of Ireland and the UK, and I share my 'finds' in my shop whenever possible!

For more on my work, please visit my blog, facebook, youtube and instagram.