Gummy Worms Hat!

My 'Gummy Worms' hat shown above was made from Adriafil Scozia 'Lochness' (blue) for the ribbing, and my own handspun art-yarn 'Gummy Worms' for the main body, and topped with a Scozia bobble to match the ribbing. I have a new listing in my shop for 'Gummy Worms'. But you can use any bulky art yarn. 'Gummy Worms' is approx. 5 wraps per inch. That means it can be wrapped around 1" on a ruler, 5 times, comfortably. Obviously that's going to vary with many art yarns, that have thick-thin areas of spinning, with texture, so it may depend where on the yarn it is wrapped, but generally speaking 5wpi is the thickness for this particular project. This project took 1x50g ball of 'Scozia' and almos



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