Handmade Knitted Journals

Everyone who hand-spins and hand-dyes their own wool will know the 'itch' to want to make something with it instead of just selling it as-is! These journal covers are in 2 sizes, small is 6"x4" (below) and the larger is 6"x8" (above). The fun thing is that there's no pattern and I just create them as I go, matching yarns, and using small 'shots' of artyarns that perhaps would be too small to go in larger projects. I had fun making this one below, because I had hand-painted some handspun skeins of Shetland wool with cochineal, madder root and onion skins, and I desperately wanted to see at least one of them knitted up! Book ends are made from 100% cotton, and I try to colour-match them to the



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