Monster Handspun Yarn for Heirloom Rug Making

When I was a teenager, I decided to hook a rug. Never having ever made a rug, I went to the local craft supply shop, bought some (fairly nasty) pre-cut acrylic rug yarn, a few yards of rug canvas, and a latch hook. My Dad saw me doing something new and looked over my shoulder and said 'what are you doing'? I said 'hooking a rug'. He said 'whats that yarn?' I said 'Its rug yarn!' He stared at it and said 'No it's not, that's not rug yarn at all. When I was a boy....' and then he proceeded to tell me about the rugs he helped his Mother hook during World War 2, and he held up a finger and said 'rug yarn is supposed to be as thick as your finger'. Here's a picture of what I finally created. Y



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