'Tegna' Summer Knitted Tee by Caitlin Hunter

I've got a blog post coming soon on why you wouldn't want to buy most superwash yarn, but I have to confess to having owned and dyed some in the past, and it was sitting there in my stash. Although 75% of all superwash sold today, isn't bio-degradable, and I don't promote it for that and for other reasons (which I will be writing about soon), I felt it was only right to use what I had in my cupboard, rather than not use it at all. The Great Pattern Hunt began to find something I could do with 3 x 100g skeins. You know how that is, spending hours trawling through Ravelry? But actually Tegna stood out fairly quickly. A very simple design with a fluted bottom edge. Designed to be knitted as a



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