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Electric Drum Carder Review - Video

Last year I took the plunge and bought a large electric drum carder to replace my hand-cranked Barnett carder that had served me well for years. In researching this purchase, it became apparent that carders were cheaper and there was more selection, in America than in the UK. So I've made this youtube video to review the electric carder I ended up purchasing.

Initially I was put off purchasing from America because of the voltage difference, so I decided to ring 'Brother' who make a selection of electric drum carders, and ask whether they manufactured a carder for the UK market. They assured me their carders could be set up for the UK from their factory, and that I would not need a transformer.

Next hurdle was the import duty and tax. It was a little tricky working out exactly what that would be, and I have to say, it wasn't cheap to import. But, over-all I spent less and got more spec on the carder by buying from America, even with the added import costs, than if I had bought within the UK.

I chose Brother's 17" electric carder. It's hard to visualise until it's in front of you, but lets just say it's a large machine and I can get through a lot of fibre in a short space of time with it.

In my new Youtube review I've tried to cover everything I can think of about this carder. I hope it helps if you are contemplating buying one yourself.

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