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Handspun Rare Breeds


In an effort to support rare breeds and small flocks, I like to focus on using the wool from lesser known breeds in this section of my shop.  I am adding different yarns to this section frequently as I come across good fleeces.  There are a vast array of different types of sheep breeds in the UK and their fleeces all have their own special niche.  Some go into making rugs, others make baby garments or next to skin clothing. There are long staple wools, lustre wools, and short crimpy wools. Fine and coarse. They all have their particular uses and none of them are to be discredited.  For instance, I have spun great garden twine from Swaledale because it's long and strong,  and crocheted baskets from Zwartbles because it's a crimpy wool that holds well in crochet. Norwegian and Romney make great tapestry, and Bluefaced Leicester makes great baby props as it is super soft.

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